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upside down

From USA Today bestselling author A. M. Madden comes a compelling story about one man's awakening to all-new desires--and to a life-altering romance.

I've always been known as the hopeless romantic ... the nice guy ... the sweetheart.

Everything in my life supported this persona. My students loved my easy personality. My colleagues admired the way I handled myself in the classroom.

But something was always missing.

Like so many relationships before it, my current attempt at love felt like a dead end. When she gave me an ultimatum, I couldn't promise to give her what she wanted.

So, she ended it.

Explaining another breakup to my family was the last thing I wanted. But doing it on a luxury yacht at my brother's wedding lessened the hardship.

I never imagined that trip would change everything... and I certainly wasn't prepared for him to change everything.

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